Industry Warning #2

Industry Warning #2

Industry Warning

Second Round a member from Estonia on Mobi-Hub has been scammed!

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Atif Aslam (also known in Dubai, as Hassib Atta).
Company: Apelo Sp Z.O.O from Poland GSM B2B member.

Previously involved with MIAN TRADING.
Scammed many companies.

Somehow managed to get verified on GSM Exchange or B2B.
Scammed a member on Mobi-hub: 

“I made prepayment, but he never delivered the stock. I am not the only one he scammed.
He has now turned off his phone and has disappeared. 
I am almost sure, he was also involved in the scam done by the company WIN TRADE SP.Z.O.O.
He will most likely search for another person to open a new company and do the same thing again.
Be careful!”

Please be super careful with who you trade! 

We all work hard for our money for it be taken by scammers!

Any news you have of any scammers, please share.

Trade Safe & Secure on Mobi-Hub.

Published : 27-Jan-2020 10:17 PM
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