Hello everyone,

My name is Naz Pirzada. I am the Co-Owner of Mobi-Hub International Ltd. 

I have recently, together with a few great companies outside of my industry, donated 1 Million Masks to a few countries. We all funded it together to people who actually needed it. The Children, Orphans, Homeless, Hospitals and many more!

It felt great knowing I could help somebody else and today I have decided to take a step further and help more countries together with your help. 


There are many homeless people, eldery, orphans, children and hospitals who cannot afford to get any protection such as masks, sanitisers etc..


I want to ask everyone to help me arrange 11 Million Masks and 110,000 Sanitisers to donate to 11 countries Worldwide which are mostly affected! 

The Countries I want to Donate to are the following:

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • UK

  • Iran

  • Ukraine

  • France

  • USA

  • Afghanistan

  • Germany

  • India

  • Pakistan

The masks which I want to distribute are the KN95 Chinese Standard of FFP2  which can cost us around: $1.8.CIF DELIVERED TO DESTINATION.

The Sanitisers we need would be ideally 70% alcohol 50ML above which cost today around: €2 DELIVERED TO DESTINATION

The total cost of 11Million Mask: 19,800,000 Million USD

The total cost of 110,000 Sanitisers would be: 220,000 EURO Delivered

- All the cost breakdown will be shown with purchase invoices and shipping costs etc.

- All Videos & Progress will be uploaded on our social media account where you will be able to see the great impact you have made. 

- Your donations could also just be simply sending us the Masks and Sanitisers.


Today the world needs your help. Anything you can donate will make a difference. 

Since this Epidemic of the Corona Virus is gone Global & on our doorstep I am making an Appeal to the Trading Community to PLAY THEIR PART together with MOBI-HUB 

We have started to collect Donations with a group of people outside of the Telecoms Arena  but now it's the RIGHT TIME to come together & UNITE to HELP Everyone & Anyone with FREE MASKS & Sanitizers to Fight This Virus.

Any Traders who are POSTING stocks on OUR  PLATFORM for MASK & Sanitisers to buy or sell   we are asking you to donate some stocks from the deal so that we can distribute them direct to 11 different countries that are heavily affected with the virus with ITALY as First!

More details for donations / pledges will follow but let’s come together & LETS PLAY OUR PART!


I thank everyone for their help!


As a team together I believe we can make history and help as many people as possible and set out to be a great example to the next generation after us!


I look forward to all your donations and help.

And I pray for you and your family!




#Donate #Support #Teamwork


Naz Pirzada,

Mobi-Hub Team,

LinkedInn: Naz Pirzada

Published : 24-Mar-2020 02:49 PM
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